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10th July 2011 – London

Posted: June 29, 2011 in 1. July 2011

So we arrived in London at the fabulous time of 5.30 am…a truly dashing time of morning, especially after 29 hours of traveling, most of which I spent asleep…lovely! So we eventually found our way to the hotel, we are staying the Days Hotel in Waterloo…as a result I have had Abba stuck in my head all day, luckily I have a soft spot for Abba! London this morning seemed very quiet, even for Sunday morning at 7am…very spooky quiet at times, on the empty trams. However we soon found out all the Londoners were at the beginning of ‘The Great UK 10 km Run’ – in which 25000 people were participating. So naturally we went to watch. It was pretty crazy seeing so many people running and the poor unfortunate young man who threw up 100 meters from the finish line…projectile…nasty!

Today I also bought the LAST EVER COPY of the ‘News of the World’. A pretty average newspaper according to me, but it seemed like one of those English things I needed to do considering it was its LAST EVER COPY!!!The last copy of news of the world

Tonight we are going to catch up with Louise, my second cousin at some pub in the north of London somewhere, should be exciting!!!

P.s. Jet lag is a bitch 🙂