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So those photos I put on yesterday’ post are actually meant for today, woopies!

It is 9.30 am and I just woke up about 30 minutes ago which is amazing considering my previous morning waking hour! Rosie is asleep,

Dinner at Alex ad Rosie's

Alex has gone to work and I am sitting outside in their courtyard admiring the quaintness of their beautiful little home, drinking tea with really bad soya milk, naturally.

So today Rosie and I went down memory lane and explored Den Haag, we rode (Rosie on the back of the bike, me riding) to the Grote Markt (the Garema place of Den Haag) and ate lunch and ice tea at one of the cafes with one of Rosie’s friends Tarik who is lovely. It was like de-javous being there and remembering all the times 6 years ago that we had here. We then went to our friend Joost’s café that he recently opened and sat outside and had coffee in the sun. It was a lovely sunny warm day – a rarity in Holland. We then decided it was beer o’clock so we went back to Rosie’s house and sat outside and drank beer, another of Rosie’s friends Sherwyn joined us, he is also lovely! This is how we spent the rest of the afternoon until it started raining, typically! Sherwyn cooked chicken curry for dinner and we relaxed and drank some gin and tonics. We then decided to watch the movie Philippa, Hamish, Browyn, Toby and I made for Rosie and Alex – The story of Rosie and Alex, which was hilarious! All in all it was a lovely social European holiday sort of day!Tarik, Sherwyn and Rosie in the courtyard