Archive for July 14, 2011

Raining, raining, raining!!! Beautifully typical Dutch weather! After a relaxing morning Alex, Rosie and I rode our bikes (there was a temporary break in the rain) to Mein (Joost’s café) to meet Karina, Kim and their cute 4 year old Sammy. It was so nice to seem Karina and Kim again, we drank coffee ate lunch and had a good old laugh! We also ran into Marvin on his lunch break at Mein so I also got to catch up with him, he is as hansom as everJ.

When we got home Rosie and I decided to get our ‘art’ on. We decided to do a hilarious art photo shoot with

mum’s (Gaida’s) scarves experimenting with all the cool effects and things my camera can do. It was highly amusing as we pretended to be models and famous photographers! After that it was time to meditate and drink more tea.

Now I am sitting on the couch relaxing as Clara – Alex’s Spanish mum cooks tortilla for dinner which smells amazing! I have been trying to learn some Spanish from her (failing naturally), but Clara thinks I have a very good accent; there is still hope. We ate yummy dinner and talk about life and drank some wine! Clara is an amazingly charismatic woman. Then at 11.30pm Sherwyn came to pick me up and we rode in the drizzle to the cinema to watch HARRY POTTER!!!!! It was so amazing!!! But with me and Harry Potter you can’t really go wrong! So exciting! I got home at

about 3am and crashed out feeling the excitement of the final Harry Potter saga!!! Lovely!

Karina and I at Mein