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I spent the morning sitting outside in the sun drinking tea and talking about life with Rosie and Melissa. It was so lovely to see Melissa and be able to hang out and talk for hours, like old times.

Beautiful Melissa and Ibe able to hang out and talk for hours like old times!!

Our Dutch picnic in the Queen's garden

So before we knew it, it was 2pm and Rosie and I were hungry. So we decided to cruise around on our bikes and have a picnic in the park – to continue enjoying the amazing weather. We had lunch salads and the amazing Albert Hein Juices that rock my world! It was then time to get our beach on. We had to ride up hill to get to the ocean, due to the sand dunes and Holland being below sea level. Joost recommended we go to the Surf Dorf – an ultra-cool, surf hang out on the beach, it felt like everyone in there was way too cool for school, but we embraced it! After a few beers we made friends with these older English men who turns out built super yachts – what Rosie did her internship in. So she had a lot to talk to them about!

After krockets for dinner we went to Rosie’s friend’s farewell party near Rosie’s uni (which is actually a school…). All of Rosie’s friends were really lovely and welcoming. We stayed only for a few hours before riding home exhausted and crashing in bed.

Holland's idea to prevent the effects of global warming - sand dumping.


Riding ghetto style

Yacht builders