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We woke up late and went for brunch at Joost’s – free breakfast as part of my bday present (Joost also bought me a melon). I had the most

Dinner At Alex's Aunt's

amazing gourmet burger that totally rocked my world. Rosie unfortunately had to work, but because she works at Joosts she was able to share brunch with us by serving us, not ideal but better than nothing. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

We went for dinner at Alex’s aunt’s house with some of their friends and family. It was so comforting, a real home cooked bday dinner. The food was amazing and they were so welcoming to us. We had the most amazing dinner and desert, it was a lovely

Blowing out candles

way to spend the evening, around beautiful people!


The boys at work in the rain!

Today was my Australian birthday day we so had a party at Rosie and Alex’s house

to celebrate. Alex and I picked Stef up from the train stop at about mid-day. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking in the rain to the shops, making dinner and preparing for the party – which was more of a gathering. It was so lovely to see everyone and party with all the Dutch crew. I got some lovely presents and we danced to Beyonce which was naturally my favourite. Because it was raining Alex and Joost erected an outside tarp area with scaffolding which was fun.  All in all it was a good party and lovely to have some great friends to share it with.