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Wednesday 20th of July

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Today Stef and I rode around the Haag while Rosie wrote her job application. We visited the man laughing at his ball sack – a key

Laughing ball sack man

monument in Holland. We had lunch in the Grote Markt where we witnessed a woman getting harassed by some very hungry pigeons.

When we got home and helped Rosie finish of CV and send it off! Hope she gets the job! Go Rosie! We had some wine in the courtyard with Tarik and Sherwyn. Sherwyn cooked us amazing Surinam food – battered, fried banana with peanut sauce and beef and rice dish which tasted amazing.

I ended the night drinking wine with Rosie and talking about life.

Alex working on the gutter!!!!


Today was warm and sunny so Stef, Rosie and I took the bikes out and rode around town. We ended up at some lake with canals where you can hire boats for really cheap – it was in a very secret off the beaten track location. We hopped in our little row boat and had some adventures. It was funny as we all struggled to get the hang of rowing, as a result a number of times we crashed into the bank and walls of tunnels! But it was a lovely adventure.

After that we decided to go up hill to the beach. We naturally ended up drinking a few beers at the SurfDorf – our new hang out. We came home, helped Rosie write her CV – which was an amusing experience. It was much easier for us to write amazing things about her than if she had to do it all on her own. We cooked dinner and I feel asleep watching a movie. The end.