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The morning began with Croissants! Melissa randomly dropped by for coffee with her massive Rottweiler/Labrador dog!

Bold and the Beautiful Pillar

It was lovely!

Our fantastic tour guide - Amer

We then spontaneously decided to go to Delft to get a bit of culture. Delft is a historic town just outside of Den Haag. It was very beautiful and cute. Rosie’s friend Amer came to give us a personal tour. He is very passionate about Delft and always went on family trips there. He was a wealth of knowledge. He told us all about Dutch history, politics, religion and everything in regards to Delfts part in it all, it was fascinating.

Rosie had a funny encounter with a bird that decided to poo on her jacket, which totally freaked her out, but was very funny. Stef also had a funny encounter with two swans, she was trying to get close to them and they were barking and Rosie was freaking out that it was going to attack her. I think Rosie is afraid of birds.

We took the train back home and just spent the rest of the night relaxing at home.

Beautiful Canal

The new Church