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Stand quiet for a minute

Today we decided it was time to go and see some impressive art! We started off at the Photography Museum in Den Haag. The current exhibition featured work by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. His artworks were – to say the least very impressive! My favourite of his was a serious titled ‘How to be Politically Incorrect’, all of which I found especially amusing, particularly the photograph of a man with his head down a woman’s top, who was sitting having coffee with her friend is a cafe. It was titled ‘Looking for a bomb’.

Think about Sigmund Freud

He also did a series of artworks called ’60 second sculptures’ in which he would get people to pose with random

Realize the sculpture after the instructions

objects for 60 seconds. This section of the exhibition was even interactive – as the photos show these and the instructed ’60 second sculptures’.

We then went to the Escher museum. This was definitely very impressive. Escher is awesome. There was also an interactive floor at this museum allowing people to experiment with perspective and all that. It was very amusing.

The rest of the evening was spent making dinner and going to bed early. It was good to see some impressive art!

Be a monument for a minute