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Saturday 23rd of July

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Today began at 5.30 am. Alex and I drove Stef to the airport; she has gone to Spain to hang out with her friend. We then decided to go the

Cooking expensive fish that was worth every mouthful!

fish shop in Den Haag. We very confidently but accidently bought 45 euros of Cod and 15 euros of prawns for dinner, which I later cooked (Eden style).

The rest of the day was spent hanging with Alex at home (Rosie was working) doing various things which included – preparing dinner, cleaning and sanding and painting the gutter of their house – up the scaffold. It was good to do some physical work and be so high up on the scaffold.

The evening was spent cooking and eating expensive dinner – beer battered fish and

Dinner time

chips and just hanging at home with Alex, Rosie, Sherwyn, Joost and Ingo (another old friend of Alex’s).