Archive for July 26, 2011

Today Rosie and I went tent shopping, so I can camp at the Europe Centre Summer Course! It was a riveting experience!

After a beer in the Grote Markt it was time to go home and get ready for we were off on an adventure to Rotterdam. After spending an extremely long time to get ready Sherwyn, Rosie and I headed to Rotterdam. We scored some free Surinamese food on the way which we ate with our hands on the tram, it was very delicious. We eventually found our way to Rosie’s friend’s house – Valerie (her friend Anna was also there).

The night was spent dancing on tables and bars at an ultra Dutch club where they played only Dutch songs, the few songs that weren’t Dutch (mostly American) the DJ added a Dutch spin to them, by yelling out Dutch words in the middle of the song as many times as suited him. It was an interesting experience to say the least!