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Rosie and Kim in his shop

Today was TATTOO day!!! I went to Kim’s with Rosie at 1pm to get my tattoo. I

Pain - from the alcohol applied after!!

originally was just going to get a circle on my ankle, and then I was going to get a symbol, but then I decided to just go all out, because if you’re going to get a tattoo you may as well get a real tattoo – so I got Om Mani Peme Hung on my hip!!! It was a great experience, but by gosh it was painful. The pain didn’t get easier either! The worst part was when he drew curved lines!!! But I had a lolly pop to chew, a pillow to grab and Rosie to distract me!

It took Kim probably about 1 and a half hours to do the whole thing and by the end my legs were very stiff from lying still for that long!

Om Mani Peme Hung

The end result was fantastic, I love it and I am very happy I went for a bigger, brighter tattoo!!!

The evening was spent hanging with Alex. As Rosie had gone to Amsterdam to hang with her internship friends, Alex and I decided it was a great opportunity to go and see Transformers 3 in 3D!! We went out for Thai food before and then it was time to transform! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. We spent the bike ride home pretending to be transformers – as you do


Kim at work