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Today began in a rush with getting ready to leave Den Haag and head to Berlin! But after a race around the house I was on the train and on

Hannah and Jay

my way to Berlin to meet Hannah!

I slept most of the train ride.

I eventually found my way to Hannah’s house. It was so exciting to see her, she is so lovely! She has a full itinerary planed for us, which is very adorable.  We hung out at home for a few hours and had some dinner and a beer and then it was time to head out.  We went to Golden Gate, a big club in Berlin. We went with one of Hannah’s friends Jay who is lovely. We danced all night which was loads of fun! Berlin is a very happening city that’s for sure!


This morning began nice and early with coffee at Melissa’s house! I met cute little Guido who is soo adorable!!!


Then Rosie, Alex and I drove to Rotterdam to have lunch with Ava (Alex’s sister). We went to the New York Hotel which used to be where all the ships would depart for New York – a very retro cool old school building.

On the way home we went to Ikea, we did this for 2 reasons – a. Rosie and Alex needed wine glasses and b. I had never been to Ikea before! It was very amusing as we wandered around through all the display rooms, pretending to be living in them! So I have decided that Ikea is pretty cool – 6 wine glasses only cost 3.50 euros!!!!

Mike (cousin) came over for dinner and drinks tonight, which was really cool!!! I made fish and potato mashed for dinner. It was really lovely to hang out with him! He is a cool guy! I ended the night talking with Alex about life.

Hotel New York