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It was raining all day today so Hannah and I made the very hard decision to watch movies all day –

Hannah, Itsy and Moni - Fan Dancing

we began with Harry Potter and ended

This is how god the Vietnamese was

with Romantic Comedies. Luckily for me Hannah and I are very compatible when it comes to movie taste and we both share a love of watching trashy movies while it rains. The only difference between us is I drank about 10 cups of tea and she had 1.

In apparent Berlin style we didn’t leave the house till 10.30 at night to go and get dinner. Hannah informed me when I arrived that people here don’t eat dinner till 11 and don’t go out till about 1am…this all proved to be true about Berlin on a weekend. We went to this amazing Vietnamese restaurant called Haoi Nam in Kreuzberg  (the suburb where Hannah lives). We got the most delicious, fresh, healthy chicken curry!! YUM!!!

We then went to this DJ night at a dingy club that smelt like a mouldy, moist humid shed. The

Dancing on window sills

music was really fun, but in Berlin style when we rocked up at 12pm no-one was there, but by 1am the place was full. We had a really fun dance there, but the humidity drove us out. We decided to ride to another area to find somewhere to dance. The next place was a tiny little bar with cool music that needed spicing up. So naturally we walked in there and danced, danced, danced, we danced on the window sills (the crazy DJ was also doing this), we danced on stools, chairs and the floor! It was lots of fun and great to have a really good true blue dance!!!!