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Baby Aurora

Today I slept in, it was lovely. But as a result I didn’t meditate this morning, this meant that I

Baby Chameleon

decided to do a double a session after lunch, which was very exciting!! We made Goulash for dinner which tasted devine! And we made stir fry for lunch, also very tasty. We eat amazingly here, Hans is a very good head chef – cool, calm, collected and good at cooking!

After dinner Hella and I got a new room mate – the lovely Leoney from Germany. Today was cooler than the other days which was a very pleasant change! Another day in Karma Guen.

Baby Chameleon


Pappa Hans

As the title suggests today was a relaxing day for everyone! I woke up, did a short meditation and went to help in the kitchen as usual. Pappa Hans let me go have a pre-lunch siesta which was very lovely! The rest of the afternoon was spent siestering, meditating and then helping prepare dinner. After dinner it was time to meditate again (the other sessions I did today were very short so I needed to get a good long session into me). After this I listened to music and fell asleep.



It is really funny the music you feel like listening to whilst travelling. For example as soon as I entered Spain I had a craving to listen to Missy Higgins! I haven’t listened to her properly for years and now I am listening to her all the time and it is making me smile and laugh! Random! I wonder who I will become obsessed with next!


Tinto Deberano

Today was Saturday! This meant the students had the day off to relax! This meant that it was time for a fiesta! The afternoon activities began with us catching a bus down to somewhere near Velez-Malaga to a small local go-kart place. A number of people raced around the track for 7 minutes, screeching around corners, bumping into each other, blocking each other and so on. I decided not to participate; I wasn’t in the mood for reckless driving! We then all drove to the beach where activities included: swimming, floating, playing with a small flat ball, talking and so on. It was then time to walk the 100


metres to the beach restaurant where we had dinner. A bunch of Spanish

Road trip!

people came from Granada for the night so there were lots of friends to make and more lovely people to talk too. Dinner was amazing, the fish was so delicious! I had to stop myself from eating it all!

Kagyu's at the beach!

We then drove back to Karma Guen for the fiesta. Jesus, Peter and I sang Elvis Presley and good time oldies on the bus on the way back it was lots of fun!

At a buddhist centre I met Jesus - strange....

We then danced for 4 hours in the cafeteria! It was so good to have a real good old dance! I have never sweated so much in my life (I probably have, but it sounds better to say it like this, so you understand how hot it was). Hot, sweaty and crazy dancing fun! Miguel was making Mojitos in a huge pot, they were delicious! At about 3am the party ended and it was time for sleeping!


Risotto Loretta Style

Could be Hamish at Duffy St

Wild bush woman

Today began a little slower than usual…I didn’t get into the Gompa to meditate until around 9am, but not to worry, I was up in the kitchen with enough time to have  relaxed breakfast of a bread roll with chorizo, cheese and tomato! Loretta was head Chef today as Hans had to go to thie airport to pick up his friend Kim who is very lovely.

So we made risotto and while we made risotto we got an arm work out – we being Henrik, Loretta and myself. Continually stirring 5 kg of rice is not an task for the light handed or should I say light muscles.

The afternoon worked itself out in the usual kind of way with blogging, sleeping, meditating and then sitting outside the kitchen drinking tea and having deep and meaningful talks about life and what not.  Well at least sometimes they are deep and sometimes meaningful, on a good day both, I think today was a good day!

After my walk to the Stupa and a stop on the way down to collect some bush tucker (almonds) it was time to watch the soccer…no sorry, I mean football.


Barcelona vs FC Porto (Portugal). It was lots of fun to watch, but more fun to watch the excited fans sitting with us – like Loretta and Peter for example! Barcelona won 2 – 0 and luckily I had decided they were my team, so a win for me!

Kama Kama Kama Kama Chamelion

Found you!!!!

Yes indeed, its true its true its sunny again oh what to do! Today was another sunny usual day in Karma Guen. Apart from my standard routine of cooking, meditating, relaxing and walking up hills activities included: finding a Chameleon – well actually Jose found the Chameleon, then found me so I could see it, she knows how excited I get! Oh they do make me laugh, the way they move their eyes all around, highly amusing. Miguel came by the kitchen at about one and we had a small glass of beer with him – tough life, working in the kitchen! Miguel is hilarious, he can’t speak any English, grew up here in these mountains, still lives here and calls Jo and I “Kangorita” and Conor “Kangorito” and all of us together “Kangoritas”. His standard greeting is very enthusiastically saying “Kangorita!!!” We made hamburgers for lunch which was exciting and very tasty! After the evening meditation I went to bed – it


was about 10pm, I was very tired, but unfortunately couldn’t get to sleep as it so so hot! Shame really!

Rocky the Friendly

My room mate Hela

Yes, it’s true and I know hard to believe but today was another sunny day in Karma Guen

Hans and I meat tenderising!

Spain. I have forgotten what clouds look like and what cold feels like being here! Today ran according to my new routine – meditating, cooking, sleeping, relaxing, talking and drinking tea!

Spot the snake

Additional things that happened to me today included: snake spotting!!! As I was walking down to my room for my afternoon siesta I spotted a big browny green snake slithering across the road! I got very excited and ran after it, but it ran away from me – fast! I also learnt a handy trick from Miguel in regards to removing ticks – Rocky had a very large tick on her back and all Miguel did to get it off was put olive oil on some paper, rub this around the ticks head and it fell off, just like that, extraordinary!

Stupa watching

The walk up to the Stupa this evening was particularly appreciated. Dinner was very tasty so naturally I ate a lot so a good walk up a steep hill was just what was needed. After that it was time for meditation then quiet time before bed!

The Beach

Because my routine is so flexible today did not go according to my new routine! Today began as usual with meditation, breakfast and tea, but then took a surprising turn! Jo, Connor, Joseline and myself went to the beach! Jo and Connor hired a car, we got the day off kitchen work and headed off after breakfast! We went to Neja, about a half hour drive away! It was very beautiful there and felt so refreshing to go swimming in the Mediterranean ocean – clean, clear, crisp and cool! We spent the best part of the day here diving in and out of the water! A few of Connors Irish friends came to meet us.


We had lunch in a café in town and then headed back to Karma Guen to prepare dinner! After dinner I decided to go on a Chameleon hunt! Not to hunt them obviously, but to find one! To my great luck/skill I spotted a little one sitting on a branch! The cheeky bugger was very amusing as he/she rotated around the branch making it impossible to photograph properly – I had a laugh.

One of Miguels dogs

We then meditated together, hang out at the café and then I went to sleep exhausted!

Jose and Henrik

Today I woke up and decided I wanted to start a bit of a flexible routine for


my time in Karma Guen. The routine went/goes a little something like this: wake up, meditaite, walk up to the kitchen, eat breakfast, help out in the kitchen (washing, cutting, stirring, frying, sorting…) eat lunch, relax (activities include computering, reading, lying in the sun, lying in the shade, talking to people), meditate, help cook and prepare dinner, eat dinner, walk up to the Stupa, walking around Stupa,

The kitchen crew plus Miguel

meditate (16thKarmapa with everyone), relax, have shower and go to sleep. This is pretty much how my day went! It was so fantastic! Other activities include: drinking tea (with


Soya milk, amazing), drinking coffee, having an afternoon beer courtesy of Miguel, sitting around and chatting with the other people here. Also Jo and Connor arrived today so it was really lovely seeing and hanging with them!

Jo and Connor hill climbing

All in all a lovely wholesome start to my new favourite routine!

The dogs!

I woke up this morning, walked outside my hut and was greeted by a spectacular view of sparse Spanish mountains sprinkled with tiny white houses. I love arriving somewhere new at night and waking up in the morning to a spectacular view! I am staying next to the Gompa which is incredible. It is gigantic, has big pillars inside and all the walls are painting with Buddha images, and there are 4 huge Buddha statues at the front. I was blown away.

After taking in the serenity I wandered up with very steep hill to the main house. I

The Gompa

eventually found my way to the kitchen where I was greeted by friendly people. I had breakfast and then began helping in the kitchen. There is an ITAS (Tibetan language studies) course running at the moment, so they need people helping in the kitchen and I was more than happy to me one of those people. After a few hours of washing and cutting I had time to meditate before lunch.


After lunch we had the afternoon off so I read in the sun, snoozed, meditated and then heading back to start preparing dinner…which was already prepared so I just talked to people. After dinner I walked with Hela (my roommate) up to the Kalachakra stupa on top of the hill. A very steep walk but totally worth the effort! We then all meditated together in the house…actually I only half meditated as I was waiting in the wrong place for everyone so missed half the meditation. I then

Karma Guen

relaxed in the cool night breeze before crashing in bed.


To see a 360 degree of the Gompa follow this link:


The local goats with the gompa in the background

This morning began bright and earlish – well about 9am, which is pretty good for holidays! I pack my bags and decided to go for a walk

Morag saves the castle from a terrible fate

to the park near the Arc De Triumph. On my way I messaged Norbert and found out he was their meditating! So I meandered to find him, found him and meditated myself in the park, it was very peaceful! After this he took me on his scooter for a ride to the castle on top of the hill which overlooks all of Barcelona city and the port – the very baron-full of cruise ships- port. This was a fun adventure! The best part was riding on the scooter, cooling off in the breeze!

After this we went with Biber to a Hungarian restaurant. We all had Goulash as it is very Hungarian and, as I found out very tasty! After this it was time to head back to my hostel to go to the airport. I walked the 3 minute walk to station Catalunya where I caught a bus to the airport!

Barcelona airport is huge!! Too huge I recon! Lots of empty space! It felt like it took me 5 minutes to walk 100 metres as there was so much open space to walk through! Airports are crazy!

I arrived at Malaga airport at 9.30 where I was greeted by Nicholas who drove me and Volka (a Tibetan language teacher) to Karma Guen – this took maybe an hour! As it was dark and rather late at this stage I just went to bed, I felt very relaxed and was excited to wake up in a completely new environment!

Biber and Norbert