Tuesday (9th) – Thursday (11th) – Transmissions and Loving Eyes

Posted: August 12, 2011 in 2. August 2011

The lovely Tarini

On Tuesday we continued with the transmission days. It was so fascinating, hearing all the

The lovely Lora

stories of the past and how Buddhism developed and grew and spread in the west. Caty Tomek and Ole would constantly crack up laughing at funny stories they had about travelling through Russian, South America and all over the world. It was a real joy.

Wednesday continued in the same fashion with the final transmission session being shared after lunch. The morning was spent meditating (same on Tuesday). I missed the end of this session as I went to cut up hundreds of tomatoes in the kitchen, which was equally as enjoyable.  In the evening Lama Ole gave a public lecture in German, but luckily they have radio transmitters which made easy listening for me. However I was very glad I already had a basic idea of what he was talking about otherwise I probably would have got a little confused at times, when the translation didn’t quite make sense. But the translators are doing an amazing job noenetheless.

Cynthia arrives!

On Thursday Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche (an amazing Tibetan Rinpoche) arrived to being a 12 hour meditation on Loving Eyes. This began at 9am and finished at 9pm naturally. I spent th

12 hour Loving Eyes

e day going in and out of the Gompa – meditating in the Gompa and drinking tea and eating outside the Gompa. By the end of the day I felt so peaceful, calm and joyful – it was so nice to just say mantra’s for hours! In the evening Lama Ole gave a lecture on the teachings of Telopa and after that I went to sleep – miraculously at 11.30pm. Another fantastically, fulfilling three days in the Europe Centre.

12 Hour Loving Eyes


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