Friday (12th) – Sunday (14th) – Initiations

Posted: August 16, 2011 in 2. August 2011


Friday was the beginning of initiation time with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche. The initiation began at 11am so before then I had time to sleep in a bit, meditate and eat breakfast – yum! The initiation today was on Amitias – The Buddha of Limitless Life. The initiation went for about 2 hours and it was very powerful. Then it was time for the blessing queue to begin. Unlike the Europeans I am not the biggest fan of lining up so I occupied myself for 5 hours while I waited for the line to shrink. It is truly incredible how our lamas so joyfully bless thousands (about 4000 by this stage) of people for hours and hours! Incredible.

In the evening we had a question and answer session with Lama Ole which was very interesting. I always love hearing what questions people ask and how he responds. After this I had a quick beer then trotted off to bed.

The following day (Saturday) began in the same fashion. Actually the same fashioned continued until the night time, which was different. The difference of

Ivet the Street Dancer

the day was today we received the White Tara initiation, a beautiful female Buddha aspect. Again the blessing line went for about 5 hours and there were at 4500 people here today.

The evening however consisted of an international centre meeting with Ole and Caty – which was again very interesting. They spoke about the latest information in regards to centres around the world and answered a number of questions. After this we had a meditation and then an AUCTION. This was to raise money for the Europe Centre. It was highly amusing as a struggling American actor named Eric hosted it and he was very funny and charismatic! This al ended at about 1 am so after a cup of tea and some chats I was off to bed.

Sunday was the final day of the course and followed in similar fashion to the previous 2 days, but this time the initiation was on The Vicotious One – another female Buddha aspect with 8 arms and 3 heads. Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche is such a sweet man and he has the mot adorable laugh. After the 5 hours of blessing it was time for people to leave and to start packing up – about 3500 people left today!!!

4000 odd people

This evening consisted of an end of course impromptu party! This party was 10 times better than the other party (which was of course also fun), but due to their being less people and a better atmosphere everyone appeared to be dancing and having fun. I danced non-stop for more than 5 hours! By the end of the night my hair was soaking wet from sweat! It was so much fun. The dance floor ended with a Latino fest! Very sexy! Unfortunately I had to stand and watch as I am still in the process of perfecting my Latin dance skills. We ended the night was a small bunch of us playing Frisbee and talking about Australian animals – well I talked. It was so much fun!

Dream Team

Going once, going twice...SOLD


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