Monday (15th) – Tuesday (16th) – Pack Up

Posted: August 16, 2011 in 2. August 2011

The Bau Cafe

Today began late as I slept in, but when I woke I felt great apart from the tiredness and muscular aches from grinding with Roman the night

The view from the Bau Cafe

before. So today the pack up began! Taking down all the tents, riping up the floor, carrying benches, tables and what not! It was good to do some physical activity after sitting down for basically 10 days!  The Bau Café re-opened today. This is Europe Centre’s personally café which opens up when guests are here. So I spent lunch and dinner time sitting here (where I am now). The view from the café is beautiful, over the lake. It is made out of wood and mud bricks that have been mixed with straw, as a result I feel like it should be snowing outside and there

Lama Ole leaving

should be a roaring open fire, in winter when I come back I will be able to experience this mostly (apart from the fire). We had a meditation session in the evening (Monday) and then a beer at the café. Then it was off to bed, up the hill!

Tuesday began with meditation in the morning. I then had to pack up my tent and all my

Tommy and Zsuzsa

luggage as I have to leave really early tomorrow morning so I had to get ready today! I then soaked up the serenity of the view – still currently am. At 3pm, it is now 2.21, I am going to help cook dinner in the kitchens and then tonight at 10pm we are all going to see Harry Potter in 3D and English! Yay!! There are only about 100 or so people here now, which is actually very nice. Lama Ole also left today, he and a few other friends are riding by motorcycle to Slovakia for his next course, so cool!

Hungarian Mother Marta

They also have a foosbal table in the Cafe which is lots of fun, except my skills need serious work – meaning I need to get some, playing soccer with little men on sticks is much harder than it looks when you are playing against people who have learnt how to work the men!!

  1. Hamish Webb says:

    Your camera seems to be doing a good job of keeping us all up to date with your travels. It is taking good photos despite the fact you are operating it 😉

    Ps you are a good blogger, you were born for it

    Love and miss you


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