Saturday 20th of August – Back on the Road Again

Posted: August 21, 2011 in 2. August 2011

This morning began bright and earlish – well about 9am, which is pretty good for holidays! I pack my bags and decided to go for a walk

Morag saves the castle from a terrible fate

to the park near the Arc De Triumph. On my way I messaged Norbert and found out he was their meditating! So I meandered to find him, found him and meditated myself in the park, it was very peaceful! After this he took me on his scooter for a ride to the castle on top of the hill which overlooks all of Barcelona city and the port – the very baron-full of cruise ships- port. This was a fun adventure! The best part was riding on the scooter, cooling off in the breeze!

After this we went with Biber to a Hungarian restaurant. We all had Goulash as it is very Hungarian and, as I found out very tasty! After this it was time to head back to my hostel to go to the airport. I walked the 3 minute walk to station Catalunya where I caught a bus to the airport!

Barcelona airport is huge!! Too huge I recon! Lots of empty space! It felt like it took me 5 minutes to walk 100 metres as there was so much open space to walk through! Airports are crazy!

I arrived at Malaga airport at 9.30 where I was greeted by Nicholas who drove me and Volka (a Tibetan language teacher) to Karma Guen – this took maybe an hour! As it was dark and rather late at this stage I just went to bed, I felt very relaxed and was excited to wake up in a completely new environment!

Biber and Norbert


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