Monday 22nd of August – Routine Begins!

Posted: August 24, 2011 in 2. August 2011

Jose and Henrik

Today I woke up and decided I wanted to start a bit of a flexible routine for


my time in Karma Guen. The routine went/goes a little something like this: wake up, meditaite, walk up to the kitchen, eat breakfast, help out in the kitchen (washing, cutting, stirring, frying, sorting…) eat lunch, relax (activities include computering, reading, lying in the sun, lying in the shade, talking to people), meditate, help cook and prepare dinner, eat dinner, walk up to the Stupa, walking around Stupa,

The kitchen crew plus Miguel

meditate (16thKarmapa with everyone), relax, have shower and go to sleep. This is pretty much how my day went! It was so fantastic! Other activities include: drinking tea (with


Soya milk, amazing), drinking coffee, having an afternoon beer courtesy of Miguel, sitting around and chatting with the other people here. Also Jo and Connor arrived today so it was really lovely seeing and hanging with them!

Jo and Connor hill climbing

All in all a lovely wholesome start to my new favourite routine!


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