Friday 26th of August – Soccer…I mean Football

Posted: August 27, 2011 in 2. August 2011

Risotto Loretta Style

Could be Hamish at Duffy St

Wild bush woman

Today began a little slower than usual…I didn’t get into the Gompa to meditate until around 9am, but not to worry, I was up in the kitchen with enough time to have  relaxed breakfast of a bread roll with chorizo, cheese and tomato! Loretta was head Chef today as Hans had to go to thie airport to pick up his friend Kim who is very lovely.

So we made risotto and while we made risotto we got an arm work out – we being Henrik, Loretta and myself. Continually stirring 5 kg of rice is not an task for the light handed or should I say light muscles.

The afternoon worked itself out in the usual kind of way with blogging, sleeping, meditating and then sitting outside the kitchen drinking tea and having deep and meaningful talks about life and what not.  Well at least sometimes they are deep and sometimes meaningful, on a good day both, I think today was a good day!

After my walk to the Stupa and a stop on the way down to collect some bush tucker (almonds) it was time to watch the soccer…no sorry, I mean football.


Barcelona vs FC Porto (Portugal). It was lots of fun to watch, but more fun to watch the excited fans sitting with us – like Loretta and Peter for example! Barcelona won 2 – 0 and luckily I had decided they were my team, so a win for me!


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