Tuesday 30th of August – Many Things

Posted: September 1, 2011 in 2. August 2011


It is sometimes hard for me to remember what I did on certain days here as the days seem to meld together into one concoction of meditating, cooking and other wholesome activities. It not being Thursday as I write this I find it a little harder…but I will do my best to remember the highlights.

So they go a little something like this…Hans made the most amazing eggplant – he made a batter that contained 3 ingredients: eggwhites, a bit of salt and a bit of flour. The eggplant pieces were then dipped in this and deep fried and oh my it tasted incredible.

Another thing exceptional from this day was after meditation we (kitchen team + others) went to the Sangha room and watched Watch Men. We made a huge tub of popcorn and cut up lots of watermelon to enjoy during the movie. It was very relaxing and lots of fun.


After the movie I decided to sleep in the Gompa, I also did this last night (Wednesday). This was a fantastic decision. As soon as I lay down my head I laughed out loud for no apparent reason, I then fell asleep with a huge smile on my face. The same thing happened to me last night (Wednesday)…Wow. Meditation is such a gift.


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