Wednesday 31st of August – Dessert

Posted: September 1, 2011 in 2. August 2011

Another of Hendrik's favourite aprons

You might be wondering, as I am, why I decided to call today dessert…There are 2 reasons for this number 1: the dessert today was the highlight of my day and number 2: I want to remember it for my future self to read over and remember and make. Enough suspense…the desert was this: whipped cream with coconut, yogurt, sugar and toblerone pieces mixed together with fresh fruit then put in the freezer for 30 – 60 minutes so it becomes lovely and cold…it is incredible! I recommend anyone who is reading this make it. Pappa Hansy is a genius!!!


So my favourite song at the moment is Monster by Kanye West – totally Gangsta!!!

Dinner was also incredible today – chicken curry! As a result I had a massive food baby after dinner so I had to lie down before meditation. After meditation we had a beer at the cafeteria which was very nice and social! I then slept in the Gompa again as mentioned before and fell asleep laughing!

Water in the mouth actually works for crying whilst cutting onions!

The beginnings of the curry


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