Tuesday 6th of September – My Last Night

Posted: September 7, 2011 in 3. September 2011

My friend Rocky šŸ™‚

I had a very relaxing morning today, sleeping in until about 11am, it was amazing! This was due to the late night we had watching movies last night! After that I meditated and after chatting to a number of people that I ran into it was incredibly time for lunch! Just like that! Amazing! Lunch was also amazing!

After lunch I walked up to the Stupa with Agnes ā€“ we laughed and smiled a lot!

In the evening I went with Nina (not ITAS Nina) and Jose and Hans to Velez-Malaga. Hans dropped Nina and I off at the beach! After about an hour of beach time, it was time for ice cream ā€“ delicious ice cream! Hans then picked us up and we tried to find Jose ā€“ but failed at this, there must have been a miss communication issue as she was no-where to be found.

Small towel club!

We headed back to Karma Guen for dinner! After dinner it was time for meditation! After meditation we headed to the cafeteria for a beer. When it got dark we all got totally involved in an instant spontaneous art project. We decided to take long exposure photographs with lights (torches). Simon had a very good camera to make this possible. We spent about 3 hours taking photographs and drawing detailed pictures with the torches! When I get them off Simon I will put them up. It was so much fun! I love getting in touch with my creative side!!



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