Sunday 11th of September – Singing, Dancing and Cleaning!

Posted: September 12, 2011 in 3. September 2011

Typical lunch with Alex

This morning was fantastic! I woke up and was home alone so the only natural thing to do was meditate! After this I was still home alone so I decided to be proactive (my new thing). I put on trashy music really loud and cleaned the house whilst dancing around. It was so enjoyable to be home alone and have a house (which feels like my Dutch home) to clean! I do love to do a solid solo cleaning mission when I am in the right head space – which I definitely was today!

After my trashy music fest I got such a strong urge to listen to the Waifs. I laughed at hearing such strong Australian accents singing my favourite old time songs! They are my new latest re-discovered favourites!

Dinner at Joke's

When Alex came home we decided to go to Mein for lunch – Chorizo baguette with salad and hummus….mmmm. We then went to the ‘nerd’ shop – Warhammer supply shop. On the walk home Alex told me all about Warhammer and how to play, it was very interesting. Not entirely sure when I will use this information, but nonetheless it was interesting to find out.


In the evening it was family dinner night at Alex’s aunt’s house! Yenika (Alex’s aunts best friend) made an amazing chicken thingy for dinner and tiramisu for desert…mmm.

When we got home we decided it was time to get creative! I whipped out the guitar, Rosie whipped out her singing voice and we sang songs for hours! We also re-wrote a song which was lots of fun – there will be more information on this to come.



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