Monday 12th of September – Kyra’s Bday

Posted: September 13, 2011 in 3. September 2011

Park Benching

This morning began with our usual food supplement smoothy, actual quite tasty! After skyping some people in Australia like Nalin and Eden Rosie and I headed out to do some necessary shopping. I needed to buy socks as I didn’t bring enough, funny really.

Before Rosie had to go to work we sat on the bench outside Mien and sang songs by the Waifs, it was very joyful. I also think the people walking down the street enjoyed the show. Rosie then had to go to work so I headed home where I internetted, meditated, cleaned the kitchen and meditated. Alex made yummy stir fry for dinner and then Rosie and I walked to Karina and Kyra’s parent’s house for dinner. Adlin and Vendela (parents) are so lovely. I had a great time talking and laughing with them. Kyra’s friends were also very friendly. It was a lovely “herzelick” dinner party.

Rosie Singing

We briefly stopped by Kyra’s house on our way to a club in the city – I spent the majority of the time at the club spinning around the poll, as you do!


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