Thursday 15th of September – Last day in Holland…again.

Posted: September 16, 2011 in 3. September 2011

Famous people.

The morning of today was rather uneventful. I did things like packing, cleaning, sitting,

Ghetto Stylin'

meditating, staring, drinking, eating and what not. At about 1pm it was time to leave the house to meet Rosie for coffee. However a very excited Rosie informed me that her best friend from uni – Simona – who lives in England now, had very kindly surprised her at work so Rosie rushed home to meet her.

However I needed to print things off and wanting a new experience I took Joost’s skateboard and decided to skate to the library. This was an interesting experience to say the least, but a rather successful one. I only nearly fell off once and it was much quicker than walking, but I did get lots of funny looks from people who looked like they actually knew how to skate.

When I arrived home we all (we being me, Rosie, Simona and her boyfriend Matt) decided to go to the beach as it was a beautiful sunny day. So we did exactly this. Naturally we went to our local – the Surf Dorp. After sometime of being here we went into the city to have drink with one of Rosie and Simona’s teachers from university. He was very lovely. We spent the rest of the evening hanging in the Grote Markt. 


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