Tuesday 14th of September – Chorizo Soup and Chocolate Brownies

Posted: September 16, 2011 in 3. September 2011


Today was cooking day!!!! Joke (Alex’s Aunt), Jennika and Will were coming round for dinner and I was cooking! I decided to cook Hamish’s (brother – in case I get amnesia when I am reading this later it is good to clarify these things) chorizo soup, he very kindly sent me a sort of recipe to follow. My favourite part of the instructions was ‘…serve in bowls, preferable, although coconut halves would be pretty cool…’ We didn’t have any coconut halves so bowls it was.

Rosie's art shot

Rosie and I also decided to make a chocolate cake. This chocolate cake turned into a big chocolate brownie, which was much better as brownies are way cooler than cake! This was probably because I was trying to cook a cake for the first time without using a recipe. It was successful enough.

Tamara was also here for dinner which was very lovely. Because the weather was nice enough we were able to eat outside!

Dinner time!

Still dinner time.

After dinner Rosie and I put on a little performance and sung a number of songs on guitar. Everyone then joined in and we were all singing along to Johnny Cash, The Beatles and many more. All in all it was a very wholesome dinner party.


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