Monday 26th o September – Berlin to Hamburg

Posted: September 27, 2011 in 3. September 2011

Sharmapa in the Hamburg Gompa

Today I woke up at the lovely hour of 10.30am, which gave me just enough time to

Duka Statue

meditate, buy food, drink a coffee, have a shower and pack before 1pm which was our departure time from Berlin! So 1pm came and in the magic red bus we hopped and headed for Hamburg! The reason I am on the road to Hamburg is because Sharmapa is giving an empowerment on Tuesday, this will be my first meeting with Sharmapa so I am very excited.

We arrived in Hamburg just in time to see him give the end of a welcome speech in the Hamburg centre! The centre is AMAZING! It is massive, 40 people live here full time, it has a beautiful courtyard, a huge Gompa and they even have their very own café that makes very delicious soya coffees. We are staying in the lounge room of one of Thomas’ friends, a 2 minute walk from the centre.

Hamburg Centre Courtyard

After hanging around the centre for a while it was time to head to Ole’s lecture. The lecture venue was incredible, a huge convention centre like hall and

More Blessing

about 800 people came! After the lecture we hung out at the centre for about an hour until it was time to crash in bed! Wow!


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