Tuesday 27th of September – Hamburg to Berlin

Posted: September 28, 2011 in 3. September 2011

Lunch in the courtyard

Today was a fantastic, relaxing and wholesome day followed by a fascinating night. I spent the day hanging out at the Hamburg centre doing the following: meditating, drinking coffee in my attempts to be bourgeois, eating amazing pumpkin soup with sausage in it, a surprisingly tasty addition that none of us had ever even thought of before, going on the internet for the first time in 5 days which for a person of my generation is ages (hehe), I did enjoy my time apart from the cyber world, but I am also happy we are together again and being random.

In the evening it was time to receive the Amithaba (Buddha of Limitless Light)

Sharmapa on his speed blessing mission

empowerment from Sharmapa. Sharmapa is a cool cat that’s for sure! He has a fantastic sense of humour, is very witty and straight to the point. There were a number of hilarious moments during the empowerment where everyone (about 1000 people0 all burst into laughter. Sharmapa is also the quickest empowerment

Generation Y

giver! He speed through everything at a rapid pace including the blessings and before I knew it it was all over and he was waving us goodbye and we were back in the red bus on our way back to Berlin! All in all it was an incredibly quick but powerful trip to Hamburg.


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