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Bad Park

Today the course in Bad Homburg officially started, but it didn’t start till 3pm so I spent the morning and afternoon exploring Bad Homburg, reading and meditating. The 3pm lecture was by 4 travelling teachers talking about meditation. It was very interesting. One of my favourite stories from it was one about the 17th Karmapa. A travelling teacher told a story about in which someone asked the Karmapa a very long complicated question about the meaning of colours in Tankas and painting, ect…KArmapa’s answer was ‘I don’t know, ask a Tanka painter’, Karmapa is so funny!

In the evening Ole gave a lecture into the Mahamudra of Tilopa, very fascinating stuff, very deep! After this we had a party! I dance furiously for about 1 – 2 hours before going home to bed at the reasonable time of 3am. A fun day, lots of learning

Bad Jackets

and finished with meditation and dance!

Lama Ole!


Today as the title suggest was spent in one very big, long traffic jam. We were on a mission

Standard bus riding activity.

to get to Frankfurt to attend the autumn course. We left at 1 anticipating it would take 5 hours to get there – this would have given us plenty of time to arrive, relax and then attend the 8pm lecture. However it appeared that all of north eastern Germany had the same idea (it is a long weekend this weekend) and as a result after about 4 hours in a traffic jam we had only gone the distance that should have taken us about 1 – 1.5 hours. So

Bad Homborg

we gave up on the idea of getting to Frankfurt in time and tried to enjoy driving really slowly. As a result what should have taken us 5 hours, took us about 10 hours…we got to Bad Hamburg (this is actually where the course is, very close to Frankfurt) at 11am, just enough time to catch the meditation. We then all crashed in the sleeping hall totally exhausted from our 10 hour car ride. It is amazing how exhausting doing nothing can be!.

Crazy Clouds

Today was spent hanging out at the buddhist centre meditating, reading, eating and drinking

Second Hand Bakery....

tea. I greatly appreciated this time to rejuvenate and chillax. The evening however had different plans for us. Giza (a friend from the Sangha) received top marks for her PHD so it was time to have a kitchen party and celebrate. These celebrations left us in an extremely random club in Berlin trying to dance to the music produced by a DJ that appeared to not know a thing about mixing or rhythm. We tried our best to get into the spontaneous change of genre and beat with no cohesion, but all our efforts left us going home rather early (3am) laughing about our failed dance mission. A fun experience in itself.


Kitchen Party