Saturday 1st of October – Bad Homburg

Posted: October 2, 2011 in 4. October 2011

Bad Park

Today the course in Bad Homburg officially started, but it didn’t start till 3pm so I spent the morning and afternoon exploring Bad Homburg, reading and meditating. The 3pm lecture was by 4 travelling teachers talking about meditation. It was very interesting. One of my favourite stories from it was one about the 17th Karmapa. A travelling teacher told a story about in which someone asked the Karmapa a very long complicated question about the meaning of colours in Tankas and painting, ect…KArmapa’s answer was ‘I don’t know, ask a Tanka painter’, Karmapa is so funny!

In the evening Ole gave a lecture into the Mahamudra of Tilopa, very fascinating stuff, very deep! After this we had a party! I dance furiously for about 1 – 2 hours before going home to bed at the reasonable time of 3am. A fun day, lots of learning

Bad Jackets

and finished with meditation and dance!

Lama Ole!


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