Thursday 29th of September – Whelmed

Posted: October 2, 2011 in 3. September 2011

Crazy Clouds

Today was spent hanging out at the buddhist centre meditating, reading, eating and drinking

Second Hand Bakery....

tea. I greatly appreciated this time to rejuvenate and chillax. The evening however had different plans for us. Giza (a friend from the Sangha) received top marks for her PHD so it was time to have a kitchen party and celebrate. These celebrations left us in an extremely random club in Berlin trying to dance to the music produced by a DJ that appeared to not know a thing about mixing or rhythm. We tried our best to get into the spontaneous change of genre and beat with no cohesion, but all our efforts left us going home rather early (3am) laughing about our failed dance mission. A fun experience in itself.


Kitchen Party









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