Sunday 2nd of October – Crazy Dreams

Posted: October 4, 2011 in 4. October 2011

MoreEC meeting

Today I had the pleasure of going to Frankfurt and hanging at the centre for the day. I had decided to join the MoreEC international centre representatives’ meeting to represent Australia and find out what is going on. This was very interesting and I got lots of cool ideas, which I still have to email to Australia – an afternoon activity.

I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the centre as my lift left because they wanted to go sightseeing; I wasn’t in the mood for sightseeing so I read my book at the centre. Eventually Ilona and I decided we should probably head back to Bad Homburg. After 2 trains we arrived just in time for a Chinese picnic in the park. This was followed by me getting some extremely intense stomach pains, which were very uncomfortable, however they suddenly left about an hour later so it wasn’t all that bad.

Typical German trains

After the evening lecture – questions and answers – always one of my favourites it was time to head back to the sleeping hall and crash!

I forgot to mention early these 2 crazy dreams that I had in Berlin: In the first I was hanging out at a cocktail  bar with 2 vampires, some other kind of ‘monster’ and the living embodiment of hell – he was a good looking man, except he had this whirlpool hole in his chest and if you put your finger into it you would go straight to ‘hell’ and his body was moving strangely as if sand and it was sticking and gripping to his chair, he said this is because his body was representing all the people that had died from drowning…very strange indeed. The next night I had a dream where all my teeth fell out, first one tooth and it was all brown and grouse and then I spat out all

Ilona in Frankfurt

my teeth, all brown and rotten and then my mouth was full of blood and dirt…it was a totally


freaky sensation when I woke up as I thought I didn’t have any teeth! Ah dreams, to be enjoyed and found interesting and then left alone.


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