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Frankfurt Buddhist Centre

Today was a day to relax, meditate, read, drink tea and explore the vastness that the internet has to offer. It was lovely though, I got to meditate a lot which felt so nice! It was then time to embark on my adventurous night at the airport.

The reasons for me spending a night in an airport were because of an extremely early flight to Riga from an airport 2 hours away from Frankfurt – Frankfurt Hahn, Ryan Air’s very own airport. These 2 above factors and the lack of buses to the airport at the early hours of the morning meant it was a night in the airport for me.

After my 2 hour bus ride I arrived at the airport at about 9.30pm, only 10 hours until my flight left – YES! As soon as I walked in to the airport my first reaction was ‘This is the most unfriendly, badly lit airport I have ever been too, I can’t believe I have to spend all night here’, my second and more fun reaction was ‘wow this could be exciting, I wonder what I can do for 8 hours until I can check in’.

The art of sleeping at the airport...


My '2 hour' friend 'Fabio'

followed my second reaction and decided to make a friend. I found a nice looking young Italian guy to talk to, unfortunately he couldn’t speak much English, but nonetheless we managed to entertain each other in broken English and body language until about mid-night. What to do now. Write my blog. Now what. Listen to the sounds I can here….quite chatter of people not wanting to talk too loudly and disrupt the awkward (silence awkward silence can be so entertaining…there is not even any background music here), text messages, the occasional crying child, the fridge humming, the beep beep beep of some machinery outside….maybe watch a movie and try to sleep.

The excitements of the airport