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Remembering Karma Guen

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Random

Here is a selection of the ‘impressive art’ night shots that we took on my last night in Karma Guen…thanks to Simon.


A 'Black Totty'

I arrived at Riga airport at 10am with only have maybe one hour of broken airport sleep and 2

Latvia's Freedom Monument

hours of broken Ryan Air tiny seats sleep….i was soooo tired! I found my way to my hostel, this involved one bus and one 10 minute walk through old Riga. I am staying at the Blue Cow Back Packers on Torna Iela. It is by far the best hostel I have ever been too. It is tiny and cute and feels just like someones home. The kitchen/lounge hang out area is exactly like the lounge room of someones house and the people (well person – Marika) are very friendly. My room is huge, my bed is comfy and I only have one other room mate which gives me quiet time to meditate.

After doing such activities it was time to catch up with Zigrida! Zigrida is a family friend we met when I was here with my family over 10 years ago, she was our translator! It was so nice to see her again! We went to have food and she introduced me to what in now call a ‘Black Totty’ – it is Black Balsams with warm black current juice, a stick of cinnamon and a chunk of orange…the perfect thing for a cold(ish) autumn day!! I suggest anyone that has black balsams try it!


I was then so exhausted from some serious lack of sleep that i went back to hostel, via a bakery where I had to buy Piradzins (Pirads) – a traditional latvia savoury pastry! I had such an intense taste memory moment as I enjoyed them, they tasted exactly like Grandma’s – she was such a wonderful woman!

My room!

This intense piradz eating experience was so exhausting I had to watch a movie and then fall asleep…at 9m!