Friday 7th of October

Posted: October 8, 2011 in 4. October 2011

Open Air Museum

This morning began in a rush as I missed my alarm…I was late! So in 10 minutes I

Zigrida's School

was out of the house and on my way to meet Zigrida. Our first destination was the open air museum. About a half hour bus ride away. It was beautiful here; the air was so crisp and fresh. The museum showed different types of wooded house from all around Latvia! It was in the forest and it was so beautiful to walk around.

After that Zigrida took me to her school. We wandered around then had lunch in the cafeteria. The school was very new as it had just been renovated, it was very nice though.


It was then time to meet Valdis – mum’s cousin. It was so good to see him; he is so friendly and talkative. He took me to pick up his daughter – Edita (8 years old) and then to Sigulda, a cute little town 50km out of Riga. Sigulda is especially beautiful in autumn as all the trees are turning yellow. We went to 2 castles and a cave. We even

My future hut by the lake

got to eat some local chocolate and savoury pastries! Sigulda was a very exquisite town. Edita is very cute; I spent lots of time playing little games with her like ‘catch’ and ‘throwing leaves on each other’. It was lots of fun! The evening consisted of going to bed, all in all a lovely day.

View from the castle tower

Sunset :)y day.



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