Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of October – Course in Riga

Posted: October 10, 2011 in 4. October 2011

Lama Ole giving a lecture.

For the last 2 days Lama Ole has been giving a Buddhist course on mind. It has been very interesting; he gave lectures on both Saturday and Sunday evening. The lecture on Sunday night went for 6 hours!! It was incredible, by the end (1am) everyone was so exhausted, but he was still enthusiastic and bouncing around full of joy! In the afternoons there were lectures by travelling teachers. On Saturday the lecture was by Michael Fooks, he talked a lot about memory and perceptions and how we change our memories and so on, his lecture actually had a lot to do with scientific experiments they have done on memory and so on, all very interesting.

On Saturday night after the lecture there was a party in some random abandoned hall in a kind of industrial area. The part began with a performance by a local band, they sung what I can only assume are famous Latvian songs. Then their

Dance Party!

resident DJ performed a very funky/jazz/James Brownesk set and everyone danced! It was also a great opportunity to connect with old friends…DREAM TEAM!

Dream Team!

I have successfully managed to eat piradzin every day! They are so amazing. I have also discovered my favourite bakery in Riga. It is extremely cute, smells like heaven and you can watch the Latvia bakers create their magic…ahh the wonders of local bakeries, I do love Latvia!!

Serious business

My favourite Bakery

Bakery Feast!


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