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The front of Aiste's house

Today began in a rush (again) as I slept through my alarm, but nonetheless I made it to the bus terminal in time to catch a bus with Aiste to Vilnius, Lithuania. The bus was so advanced it even had internet, so I used this time to catch up on my blog and emails and what not.

When we arrived in Vilnius it was freezing cold, much colder than Riga which is surprising considering they are not that far apart! It was cold and overcast but I was excited to be in a new town. Vilnius is very beautiful, old and rugged, but cosy all at once.

I had sometime before evening meditation to relax, drink tea and walk around a bit. Aiste lives across the road from the centre (literally 50 metres away) which

The park

makes things very convenient. At 8pm meditation was on in the centre and they were so kind to do it in English for me and another man who also couldn’t speak Lithuanian, such lovely people.

The back of Aiste's house

After meditation Ilona (who lives in the Europe Centre) gave us a presentation about what has been happening at the EC and what life is like there. It was very interesting and was lovely to see so many nice photos from such a beautiful place. After this I stayed up talking with Ilona and Aiste until it was finally time to go to bed at about 1am…another day done!