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Vilnius is a beautiful town, but very cold and rainy. This reaction to the weather delayed my

Fried Potatoes!

having adventures today and as a result I spent the morning hanging at the very beautiful centre meditating, reading and talking to the people popping by.

Eventually it was time to brave the cold rain and explore Old Town. Lina took me to a very cheap traditional Lithuania restaurant. Every ‘national’ dish on the menu was something with potatoes, it is incredible how inventive the Lithuanians with potatoes, they cook them in so many different ways, all tasting different, amazing! I had fried potatoes that had been stuffed with meat, but in half and then fried in A LOT of oil; this made them extremely tasty, and served

Autumn is here!

with sour cream I was not one to complain.

We then wandered around Old Town in the rain, it is very beautiful.

These clouds bucketed down!

After the evening meditation session Lina and Aiste took me to ‘the cosiest bar in Vilnius’, it was as they said very cosy. We had a beer there and chatted about life and what not! Lovely. It was then time to head home to comfy warm bed!