Wednesday 12th of October – Homely Days

Posted: October 13, 2011 in 4. October 2011

Baltic Chef number 1

Today went a little something like this. Woke up, drunk tea. Talked to Nalin on skype. Ate

Serious Aiste

traditional Baltic breakfast fit for soldiers, this breakfast consists of buckwheat, sausages, peas and gherkins, it was surprisingly tasty for how it looks. Continued talking to as organising our travel adventures is proving to be slightly more difficult and expensive than first assumed. Meditated. Had lunch with coffee. Read ‘The Best of Buddhism Today’, very interesting and inspiring. Meditated. Went out for dinner with Aiste and Lina, we tried to go to this traditional

Baltic Army Breakfast!

Belgium restaurant but it was full so we got Pizza instead. Meditated (public session). Went to ‘Soul Box’ jam session where a funky Lithuania reggae covers band was playing. Went to ‘Play’ – a little cosy bar. Tried to play Foosball, Aiste and I realised that we are not very good and Lithuanians take this game very seriously. Lost 2 games of Foosball, but managed to at least score a goal in each. Went to a huge dance club where Aiste’s manager/boss was DJing, his DJ name is ‘No DJing’ he does mash-ups, very fun mash ups. Danced for about 45 minutes. Went home to sleep. Done.


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