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Today I woke up at a very reasonable hour so decided to stay in bed and read ‘The Best of Buddhism

More art

Today’, suddenly it was mid-day and I was still reading in bed, the time just flew by! So I got up and went across to the centre to have another


‘travel planning’ skype meeting with Nalin, we made some progress which was very exciting!! After that I did my usually of meditating and reading. At 6pm Lina and I went to Lofta’s, the club that Aiste managers, it was the opening of their latest exhibition called ‘Bardo’ by S.V. Mitchell. It was interesting, not so much my style of art but I could appreciate the creativity and Mitchell’s very vivid imagination. After this Lina and I went for dinner and then back to the centre. It was not so late but I decided

to go to Aiste’s lay in bed, drink tea and read, which was very relaxing. When Aiste came home we decided to randomly watch an episode of CSI, before falling asleep. Lovely.

The resident cat

Drinking Tea