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Kaunas old town.

Prior to my Kaunas adventure I was in Vilnius (obviously). My day started with a very interesting experience…it was about 7am and I was half asleep when without realising what I was doing I went ‘buzz’ (the sound my phone makes when I get a message) and about 1 second after this my phone went ‘buzz’, one message received…incredible! I spent the day in my usual way, meditating, reading and drinking tea.

In the evening my adventure to Kaunas began! We arrived in Kaunas at about 8pm. Our driver was very excited about his new car and its power and we all enjoyed the experience of accelerating very fast! So exciting!! We arrived at the lecture by Sasha (a travelling teacher from Ukraine) began his talk. He was very

Danas and Sasha

charismatic and told fascinating stories. After the lecture we sat in the cold kitchen (it is freezing cold here) and ate cheese, bread and olives and had a glass of wine.

The next morning we woke up, ate a gourmet breakfast and had a group meditation session where we all did our individual practices, great for energy. We then walked around Kaunas, explored the city and had lunch. Linas bought us all roses! In the afternoon did more meditation;  ate amazing dinner and Sasha gave another talk, just as interesting as yesterdays! At 1.30am we hopped in the car to drive back to Vilnius. Arriving home at 2.30am my 32 hours of Kaunas (and

Kitchen time.

travel to and from) came to a close.