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Bronwyn makes rice

Today was a very relaxing day as I packed, meditated and basically got ready to depart Lithuania. I had a lovely lunch with Karolina – pizza – just can’t go wrong! I also ate very yummy Lithuanian cake and drank coffee; this was a very delightful experience!

At 5pm it was time for me to fair well my Baltic friends to go south!

Wizz Air is not my favourite airline; their carry-on baggage allowance is quite a bit smaller than all other airlines, so as a result I had to pay extra to put my carry-on baggage under the plane! After a 3 hour flight I arrived at Barcelona airport – it as approximately 9.15pm.


I didn’t get to Bronwyn’s until about 11pm. It was so nice to see her, as I haven’t for about 3 years. She was so happy and has a beautiful big apartment and seems to really be enjoying her life there which is fantastic! So we decided to go for a beer and we talked the night away, well until about 3.30am. This meant that I only had 1 and a half hours sleep before (only just, thanks to my 3 alarms) rising at 5am to go back to the airport to fly to Malaga. A very fulfilling 6 hours with Bronwyn in Barcelona!


Puppies Playing!

Today I got my dog dose! It started by talking to mum and dad on skype where I got to see all the Eden crew dogs! I also spoke to Hamish in the morning which was lovely, but we couldn’t talk long as he was watching the footy with mates at home, he was naturally very excited.

I then went with Aiste to the shopping mall where there was a dog exhibition! It was a fundraiser for a dog shelter or something along those lines. There were so many dogs there and they were adorable! I had to resist the temptation to get a Labrador puppy that melted my heart!

Aiste and Loftitas

We then drove the 40km out of town to Aiste’s parents place to drop off the car, when we got here (you guessed it) I got to play with her dog Loftitas! It is a classical story how Aiste and Loftitas came together…it was Christmas time in Vilnius (freezing cold) and one of Aiste’s work mates found puppy Loftitas in a cardboard box outside a shop, he collected her took her back to the club and Aiste knew that she had to take care of her. Loftitas is full of energy and lots of fun to play with.

Aiste and I then met up with two of her friends who took us to a forest outside of Vilnius. We went for a really nice long walk through the forest. It was absolutely beautiful! The leaves were all changing colour and falling to the floor and the air was cool and fresh! We did manage to get ourselves a bit lost, but we found our


way back to the car eventually – we had just taken a much bigger loop than first assumed!

The evening was spent with group meditation and then a movie at the centre – Colombia, a very exciting action film with a female lead that was tough, exciting, hard core, crazy and sexy all at once. After this Aiste and I decided to watch ‘Friends with Benefits’ – much funnier than I expected I whole heartedly laughed out loud on numerous occasions, a lovely way to fall asleep!

The Forest!

WWI soldier trenches