Monday 17th of October – 6 hours with Bronwyn

Posted: October 18, 2011 in 4. October 2011

Bronwyn makes rice

Today was a very relaxing day as I packed, meditated and basically got ready to depart Lithuania. I had a lovely lunch with Karolina – pizza – just can’t go wrong! I also ate very yummy Lithuanian cake and drank coffee; this was a very delightful experience!

At 5pm it was time for me to fair well my Baltic friends to go south!

Wizz Air is not my favourite airline; their carry-on baggage allowance is quite a bit smaller than all other airlines, so as a result I had to pay extra to put my carry-on baggage under the plane! After a 3 hour flight I arrived at Barcelona airport – it as approximately 9.15pm.


I didn’t get to Bronwyn’s until about 11pm. It was so nice to see her, as I haven’t for about 3 years. She was so happy and has a beautiful big apartment and seems to really be enjoying her life there which is fantastic! So we decided to go for a beer and we talked the night away, well until about 3.30am. This meant that I only had 1 and a half hours sleep before (only just, thanks to my 3 alarms) rising at 5am to go back to the airport to fly to Malaga. A very fulfilling 6 hours with Bronwyn in Barcelona!


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