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Loretta's home made bread

I know I am back talking about the weather again in Karma Guen – one might think I am obsessed, but when you are travelling around you really come to appreciate the little things in life like warm, sunny, autumn weather; waking up to the sun rising over the sparse Spanish mountains; being able to meditate in a beautiful gompa and sharing amazing food with friends!

Among the above mentioned things achieved today, I also managed to buy some thongs. We had to make a trip into town as Hans, Anne (a Danish girl who has come to stay here for a month) and I all come unprepared and had left our thongs at home! So we had to go into town to achieve this. I also managed to have an afternoon nap in typical Spanish style!

A local farmer and his horse

In the evening we had a meeting in preparation for the course, the meeting took slightly longer than planned (still only about 45 minutes) as the soccer was on – Barcelona vs. Czech Republic – so everyone was more concerned with the score. But we got through everything with no worries! I watched a bit more of the soccer before drifting off to sleep in my comfy bed!