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Jose at work

In my normal routine I began the day with meditation followed by breakfast! Then Hans was kind enough to temporarily fire me so I could attend Kirsten’s lecture in the morning. I was very grateful, Kirsten is an amazing teacher, and she gave a fantastic lecture full of laughter, inspiration and profound teachings.

After a quick lunch I had just enough time to meditate again before beginning work again, I had been re-hired. We worked solidly from 3 – 6 preparing dinner!

In the evening Manfred continued teaching, like the previous night he gave a very deep lecture – he is full of so much knowledge it is incredible. After the lecture I had a drink at the café before going to bed.

Kirsten teaching

I forgot to mention that it rained today, the first rain since March. The smell was incredible – I think the smell of fresh rain on earth is one of my most favourite smells! Ah, the joy!

Kitchen Crew