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This morning I woke up tired and sluggish but still got up early enough to meditate before breakfast, this was a good idea (I discovered) as after meditation I was awake and had energy again! I was lucky today! Loretta was cooking lunch so I had the morning free to go and listen to Kirsten teach – as previously her lecture was full of inspirational insight and wisdom!

It was still raining today, on and off, however there were some beautifully patches of sun which made the grass glisten! We also got to see some lightning and hear the crash of thunder – always exciting!

After lunch I did my usual of meditate before returning to the kitchen to prepare

Danish pancakes with rice

dinner. The dishes made

Hans cooking!

today were tasty spicy beans, potatoes, rice with vegetables and salad. Hans has definitely mastered the skill of re-using left overs and transforming them into a completely new dish! So far we haven’t thrown anything away and probably won’t!

We ended the evening with Manfred giving us more philosophical wise teachings and then a beer and social time at the café.