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Our Feast

You guessed it, today began with meditation followed by breakfast – porridge with apples and

Buddha's Hand

a bit of yogurt is my new favourite breakfast! It was then time to get our cooking on in the kitchen! Hans, Jose, Torbin (Han’s Danish friend) and I worked from 10 – 1 and managed to prepare lunch and dinner AND desert for 50 people, when I mentioned this to Hans he simple said ‘…and we could have done more’, this is true, we still managed to find time for tea breaks. We also began listening to Opera music – our CD has gone missing, which, by the end of our session I was quite enjoying it – unusual behaviour on my part.

Romantic Hans

After lunch there was just enough time for meditation before Kung Fu Fighting! A group of 6 Venezualians White Crane Kung Fu students and their teacher are here and they offered to give us a demonstration. This type of King Fu originally came from Tibet. Their teacher is the president of North and South America for this very particular style! And what a style it was – one of the students had so much power in his movements, it incredible to watch.


There was the most amazing sunset this evening. All the clouds from the rain parted and hung on the horizon, making the mountains look as though they were covered in snow! Then as the sun set more and more the colours were incredible, it was so beautiful after a day of rain!


Amazing clouds

Fighting White Cranes

White Crane Kung Fu