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Alain, Louis and Lynda

Today began nice and early at 7.301


By 9am we were in the car on the way to the airport, where I was flying out of Spain to Toulouse. Hans drove me to the airport and Anne accompanied us, just for fun!

At 15.45 I landed safe and sound in Toulouse! I was greeted by Louis and Lynda, it was so lovely to see them! We got stuck in traffic for about an hour on the way to their farm house! Eventually we made it after an exciting drive up the

Dragon and Rabbit

dirt drive way that was very slippery!

Their house is beautiful and homely with a fire place and all! We spent the evening  playing ‘Dragon and Rabbit’ with Louis, eating yummy food and drinking French wine…just as planned. Louis wants me to explain how to play Dragon and Rabbit, He says: “It goes like this, now we explain about rabbit and the dragon. So the dragon and the rabbit have a home each and the rabbit comes to the dragon and the dragon chases him and if the dragon touches the rabbit that means that we swop and the rabbit is the dragon and the dragon is the rabbit, and it’s so good this game”.

Louis' photo


Today lovely and relaxing,

Churros on the street

I had plenty of time to catch up on my reading and meditating! I even had time to walk up to the Stupa, which I was very happy about. The weather today was CRAZY – it went from rain to sun to rain to wind to sun to storming to sunny and hot and so on all day!

In the afternoon we ventured into Malaga, Mikaela, a travelling teacher from Germany was giving a lecture tonight. We had some time before to wander around a bit. We got kebabs for dinner and churros for desert, we just happened to walk past a churros store so naturally we had to try!

Waiting for Anne

Mikaela gave a fantastic lecture! She was so funny and witty and used such clear

Our first teacher

and precise examples from everyday life to explain concepts. She had a great knack using these examples in such a truthful funny way, it was incredible! I had a right old laugh!!! The lecture ended at about 11.30 so we drove home back to KG and bed!

Mikaela - our second teacher!