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The Castle!

This morning I was greeted with the sound of Louis outside my door saying ‘…can

Our Performance....

we wake her up…?’ So up I jumped to surprise him as he opened my door! I had such a good sleep last night, in a big comfy bed with one of mum’s cushions, so comfy!

I spent the morning playing ‘Castles’ with Louis. We decided to build a very big cardboard castle! The

La Juliane

construction of this castle lasted us until lunch time, as we were very determined to make it ‘amazing’, it was lots of fun, Louis just loves making and constructing things.

After a lunch of lamb and tasty vegies Louis and I put on a performance with our castle! The performance had a similar story line to ‘Rabbits and Dragons’, however Louis is very apt at improvisation!

It was then time to relax so we drank tea and watched a movie (Wall-E). When this was over it was time to explore La Juliane (their property) so Louis, Lynda and I set out on an expedition to discover the hole were a Mammoth was discovered about 30 years ago! Their land/forest is beautiful, especially at this time of year when all the leaves are changing colour!

The Dew Eater

When we returned had time to meditate before reading Louis a book by the fire – his favourite ‘The Pencil’ which Gaida (Mum) had given him we had to read twice! It was then time for Ratatouille for dinner, reading by the fire and sleep!

The Mammoths hole!